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Bless This Mess, Season 1

Watch Bless This Mess, Season 1

Bless This Mess

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2019-04-16
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 6
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 10.99
From 8 Ratings


This hilarious new comedy follows newlyweds Rio (Lake Bell) and Mike (Dax Shepard) as they make the decision to move from big-city New York to rural Nebraska. After dropping everything (including their jobs and Mike’s overbearing mother-in-law) to make the move from skyscrapers to farmhouses, they soon realize that the simpler life isn’t as easy as they had planned. Rio and Mike must now learn how to weather the storm as they are faced with unexpected challenges in their new and wildly funny life as farmers. Bless This Mess also stars Ed Begley Jr. as Rudy, Pam Grier as Constance and JT Neal as Jacob.


Title Time Price
1 Pilot 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online
2 The Chicken and the Goat 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online
3 The Return of Short Shorts 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online
4 Predators 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online
5 In Hot Water 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online
6 The Estonian Method 21:33 USD 1.99 Watch Online

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Bless This Mess, Season 1 Movie Reviews

  • Down right hilarious

    By Pie4500
    If u like to laugh this is a show for u 🤣. It’s a bit of a crazy show. I love how they named all the chickens haha. Ed begley jr is sooo good at being a weirdo haha hope they make more episodes ♥️

    By ella rose🌹
    This show is a total mess that should not be blessed at all
  • Very clever!

    By TottenRomatoes
    Great acting and characters. Has the potential to become one of the top sitcoms!
  • Great Cast, top to bottom

    By Phineas Troubadour, III
    This fun take on an old premise--city dwellers relocating to a rural farm--transports the viewer to a community filled with oddballs and loveable losers. The lead actors are as good as ever, but the real treasures are in the supporting cast. Funny and heartwarming, give this show a chance.
  • Big mistake

    By Concern4444
    I watched a show from the very beginning and I regret buying this season episodes, I thought it would be funny but after four episodes so far I have yet to laugh, Big mistake it’s just not funny no matter how much it tries to be. Regrets buying season pass, wish I can get my money back, I give it one star and thats too much. The title says it all . GP
  • I wanted to like this show

    By Ronin 5150
    But I just can’t plain and simple it’s not funny
  • Don’t sleep on it

    By cullendough
    Saw the pilot episode on iTunes, at first I wasn’t a fan but after the second episode came out I think I became one.
  • Lame Farm!

    By Asantekamill
    An extremely poor ripoff of Funny Farm, the 1984 far superior Chevy Chase flick! This idiot makes Chevy Chase seem like Charlie Chaplin! Watch the original, a much better time pass than this Mess.
  • Refreshing and Funny

    By Esther the Realtor
    I actually saw this pilot on hulu. Really liked it! It was funny, clean, and loved the chemistry with the characters. Really hope this series makes it! Looking forward to the next episode!
  • Want to see more

    By tvFredi
    Great start. Good chemistry. Interesting characters. Stupid stuff made me laugh as it should. Looking forward to see where it goes. Green Acres was great hope this is too.