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The Walking Dead, Season 10

Watch The Walking Dead, Season 10

The Walking Dead

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2019-10-06
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 5
  • iTunes Price: USD 30.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 39.99
From 1,066 Ratings


The survivors are still dealing with the Whisperer's horrific display of power, reluctantly respecting the new borders imposed on them, all while organizing into a militia-style fighting force, preparing for a battle that may be unavoidable.


Title Time Price
1 Lines We Cross 51:48 USD 1.99 Watch Online
2 We Are The End Of The World 44:07 USD 1.99 Watch Online
3 Ghosts 47:17 USD 1.99 Watch Online
4 The Walking Dead: Wrapping Up Season 9 03:32 Free Watch Online
5 The Walking Dead: A Look at Season 10 01:54 Free Watch Online

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The Walking Dead, Season 10 Movie Reviews

  • Cannot watch “Sunday’s at 9pm.”

    By Roophusjr
    More like after 3am Monday’s when you buy season pass. It should say this in the description. Otherwise, it’s not as good as it once was but still entertaining enough to watch.
  • Poltical Correctness Killed TWD

    By HudsuckerToys
    I have watched every season until the survivors started showing up gay, lesbian and empowered female leaders. What a joke it became. As if. The writers killed the show to more diverse and incluuuuusive. The show is on life support. No one cares anymore.

    By Gary the baddass
    This show seriously just keeps getting better and better wish I could give it 6!
  • Exceptional Series

    By Mark_79
    This show will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to watch the next episode. Great filming locations and character development.
  • Finally stopped watching

    By efgarcia2017
    Writers have no idea where to bring the show. The three main original characters, Daryl, Carol, and Michonne (yes she’s not completely “original”, but she is one of the longest-lasting characters), are relegated to supporting players, instead of the leaders who should move the story forwards. It’s been a blast, I’ve watched since episode 1, but I’ve found other shows to watch and must bid goodbye to this once-great show. It has become almost embarrassing how far it’s jumped the shark. With Andrew Lincoln gone, and Lauren Cohan leaving the same episode, then killing off the remaining of the gang we loved at the end of last season, I saw no reason to continue watching. This show is truly walking dead.
  • end it already!

    By Charley9338
    It has worn itself out and should have ended two years ago.
  • Amazing Show

    By Redzboiii
    This show is not ready to stop.
  • TWD Forever

    By IceSoldier16
    The Walking Dead just keeps on getting better and better with each and every season.
  • Ok that’s enoughenough

    By JCar2007
    Cancel this pile of crap.
  • I watch the walking dead

    By The :"$hitty Girl
    The walking dead is AWESOME I LOVE IT AND IT’S VERY ADDICTIVE!!!My mother watches it and she loves it so much that when she was finished with season nine she cries because it was over and she had to wait literally TWO MONTHS just for the next season to frickin come out