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Over the Garden Wall

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Over the Garden Wall

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 2014-11-03
  • Advisory Rating: TV-PG
  • Episodes: 8
  • iTunes Price: USD 6.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 9.99
From 228 Ratings


Over the Garden Wall is Cartoon Network’s 1st animated mini-series event that tells the story of two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who find themselves lost in a strange forest. With the help of a bluebird named Beatrice, they must travel across this strange land in hope of finding their way home. Featuring the voices of Elijah Wood, Melanie Lynskey, Chris Isaak, Christopher Lloyd, and John Cleese.


Title Time Price
1 Chapter 1: The Old Grist Mill / Chapter 22:43 Season Only Watch Online
2 Chapter 3: Schooltown Follies / Chapter 23:06 Season Only Watch Online
3 Chapter 5: Mad Love / Chapter 6: Lullaby 23:04 Season Only Watch Online
4 Chapter 7: The Ringing of the Bell / Cha 23:05 Season Only Watch Online
5 Chapter 9: Into the Unknown / Chapter 10 23:06 Season Only Watch Online
6 Over the Garden Wall: A Storybook 02:37 Free Watch Online
7 Behind the Scenes 02:02 Free Watch Online
8 Inside the Music 02:58 Season Only Watch Online

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Over the Garden Wall Movie Reviews

  • A work of art

    By thenoobreviewer
    this is so beautiful , it’s not just a show it has a meaning to it . It’s a master piece .
  • Loved It!!!!

    By BefriendswithSETH
    I like the animation and characters on “Over The Garden Wall”. This Show is beautiful and majestic. If You Like Gravity Falls,The Hollow, Or Star vs the forces of evil, you might like this cartoon.
  • Modern amazement

    By Asimodo_
    A charming and beautiful tale
  • Absolutely delightful

    By halobiafra
    Only marred by a bad last episode on iTunes - the music is missing!
  • I’d buy it again and again

    By hailey pola
    It’s so amazing I love it
  • Greatest short series 💯💯

    By Freddy3222333
    Moves me to tears
  • wow

    By spookybug67
    Ok, this series is amazing. I love the representation of different periods of historical America, and how brilliantly the story was put together. The second I finished it I purchased the entire soundtrack and love every second of it. 👌👌👌
  • Truly a masterpiece

    By Kdkdhdksj
    I don't even have the words to express how brilliant this is!! It's so well done! The characters were written well as was the story! It fit so much in to so little without cramming, and told a thorough story!! Absolutely love it!!!
  • This is easily the greatest piece of film I've ever seen

    By Jqpcenxhsbrbdjsk
    This show is like nothing you've ever seen. You need to watch it.
  • Absolutely Amazing

    By Auntie Whispers
    Binged it in the middle of the night, messed with my head.